Advanced Multimedia

Custom Screen Install

We specialise in custom fabrication and love to have a challenge. We have fitted screens almost everywhere: sun visors, in the dash, door panels, boot lids, in boot installs, rear consoles, passenger airbag pockets and more. We’ll fit a screen almost anywhere as long as it’s humanly possible. Whether it’s for show purposes or your own personal use we can custom build a screen into anywhere to suit your needs and vehicle. As every car is different it is difficult to give a price. The best thing to do is give us a call or visit our shop and we can go over the options with you in detail (see contact page for phone number and address). Prices do vary on screens because of size and make so there is always a screen to suit every budget.



Factory Installed Screens

We can supply and integrate DVD player / Freeview / games consoles into a car that has already got screens installed e.g.. BMWs, Range Rovers, etc. These parts also work as picture in motion so your passengers can watch TV on the move. For more info on picture in motion give us a ring, e-mail us or call in to our shop (see contact page for details.