Parking Sensors


Parking sensors are more cost effective than paint repairs.Parking Sensor Image
Scuffed and dented bodywork devalues your car and can happen all too easily.
Experts say accidents happen in places you are familiar with such as your home or place of work, it is too easy to just let your guard down and not see that low wall.
If you have ever had a minor bump you will remember just how horrible you felt and how you wish you had a second chance.
Parking sensors are able to give you that second chance, if you get too close to an object our reversing sensors will let you know.

Reverse Sensors needed





Our parking sensors are from the best manufacturers offering high quality and reliability. With our expert installation they will appear factory fitted and will add value to your vehicle.

Reverse Sensor Image

Reverse Sensors







There are several systems available, some offer front as well as rear coverage.
Our popular system is very discreet offering audio tones to help you park; we offer a system with a display if you prefer a more visual indication of distance.

Display For Parking Sensors



Displays are available for front and rear parking sensors.



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