Phone Kits in Wigan

Getting your hands free phone kits in Wigan is as easy as making a phone call, ring K And M Acoustics on 01942 820174  and they will professionally install your hands free solution at the best prices. There are options to play music with some of the kits we do, so if you are looking at music options through the hi-fi as well as making phone calls please let us know. Remember its against the law to drive holding your phone, so don’t risk getting  three points and a fine,  get one of the following kits while they are on offer.

Option 1 – Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits

parrotck3100In the past you would have a cradle to put your phone in while you drive. This oftenhands free cradle involved drilling the dashboard and was also only suitable for certain phones. The problem was you had to change the cradle everytime you changed your phone and all the phones used had to be identical.

Modern Hands Free Phone kits are now universal. Nearly all modern phones come with bluetooth and can be connected to your hands free system.

Once  paired the kit will connect to your phone every time you start your vehicle, this is fully automatic so your phone can remain safely in your pocket or in your bag.

Parrot Mki 9200 Hands Free Phone Kit.Should you get a call while you are driving , the kit will interupt your stereo and ring through your hi-fi speakers as well as displaying on a small screen who is calling.  Unlike the old fashoned phone kit which had a seperate speaker, this kit is loud and clear. The hands free kit comes with a quality microphone which we install in a position to ensure all your speech is crystal clear. There is no need to raise your voice, you can speak normally. Because the phone is connected by bluetooth it doesn’t have to be in a cradle so the phone can be anywhere in the car (boot/pocket/handbag/cradle). With the parrot kits as shown above the small screen will display who is calling and your phonebook* so it’s very easy to use to dial and receive calls. You can even dial by voice tags so phoning Work is as simple as saying “WORK”.

It is possible to have up to five phones working with the Parrot bluetooth hands free kit, this allows other drivers of your vehicle to


  • No missing important calls while driving.
  • Stay legal while keeping in touch.
  • Loud & Clear conversations.
  • See who is calling before you answer.
  • No messy wires or phone cradles.
  • Universal will support up to 5 different phones*
  • No need to put the phone in a cradle every time you get in your car – everything is connected up wirelessly as soon as you get in the car
  • You don’t need to buy a new kit every time you upgrade your phone
  • Very clear sound both in the vehicle and other end of the call.

*Please check with us for compatibility before purchase.

Option 2 – Intergrated Ipod headunit With Bluetooth phone kit.

The car audio receiver with web service apps, voice recognition and hands-free telephone.

Parrot Asteroid Bluetooth Stereo

Parrot ASTEROID also offers Bluetooth advanced hands-free telephony features: from the first connection, the Parrot ASTEROID automatically synchronizes the phonebook of the mobile and directly associates an user-independent voice recognition tags.

So calls can be simply launch by voice or by browsing the phonebook. All the telephony information from the phone is displayed on the bright 3.2’ display so it has never been easier to make calls with a hands-free system.


  • All integral to the vehicle – no wires showing
  • No holes needed to be drilled
  • Clean clear sound

It embeds an ANDROID operating system that leads it to a new world of possibilities in the automotive environment such as Internet applications and geolocation thanks to its 3G and GPS connectors: Internet radios, music streaming radios, points of interests or navigation services. Several applications will be proposed by Parrot along its product life.

Alpine CDE 126btFor trusted Alpine sound quality and the convenience of built-in Bluetooth wireless technology, the CDE-126BT CD Receiver, offers just what you need. Carry hands free phone conversations on your drive, thanks to the power of Parrot Bluetooth built right into the head unit (microphone included). For additional music playback, a convenient USB port and auxiliary input are available on the front of the unit so you can hook up to even more music such as a USB flash drive or MP3 player.

Take Calls from the Steering Wheel
Not only do you get hands-free calling via the Bluetooth connection*, but with an Alpine Steering Remote Control Interface you can answer and end calls at the touch of a button on the steering wheel. Using your phone is more convenient and safer, too.

 Option 3  – Fully Hidden Bluetooth Integration

These kits are vastly the same as standard bluetooth hands free kits however instead of having a small screen on the dashboard with all the buttons on it, the buttons are put on to your original steering. Currently we do not have any pictures of this type of hands free kits but to find out more about them and help deciding if this is the right option for you come down to our showroom, details on the contact page.