Alpine Sat NavLet’s take a little trip back in time and think about  the fact that, we here at K and M installed Blaupunkt’s first ever navigation to their demo car. Back in the day this cost thousands of pounds, today however, sat-nav systems cost a lot less and are much, much, better.
K&M Acoustics specialise in “Proper” in car Sat-Nav rather than portable systems.
They are far better for several reasons, the main one being accuracy as installed satalite navigation systems will connect to the speed sensor on the vehicle and know exactly how fast and how far your vehicle has traveled, no going “off line” in tunels and to the metre accuracy at junctions when you need it most.
Integrated Sat-Nav usually is a full entertainment package, offering not just the usual radio, cd but DVD, hands free calls and full control of your smart phone for both music and videos. It is easy for the team at K&M to add Live TV and Rear reverse camera to make what is great even better.
Many cars can accept a proper multimedia system with Sat-nav. After our professional installation the equipment will look like it was factory fitted, except we can remove it when you change vehicle saving you thousands on what the car dealers are offering.
Alpine Sat Nav in VW


Smartnav is so easy to use!
Smart Nav
  • UK Guidance
  • Just one press of the Smartnav button connects you to a round-the-clock control centre and friendly Personal Assistant (PA)
  • The PA enters your destination details into a central computer, which calculates the optimum route, avoiding the traffic using Trafficmaster’s up-to-the minute traffic information
  • In just a few seconds your route is downloaded to your car and clear verbal turn-by-turn instructions are provided throughout your journey
  • Your journey is constantly monitored by the computer, so Smartnav will warn you of new delays and will look for a quicker alternative route. The better route is downloaded into your car at a press of the button
There’s more
Any part of the address can be given, from business name to postcode. Smartnav can even find your nearest petrol station, cash machine or other points of interest. Because the mapping is held outside the vehicle, Smartnav ensures the latest road developments are available so you don’t have to worry about out-of-date information.
We sell a removable touch screen add on for this product.
Optional Services
  • Safe Speed, a safety camera warning
  • Stolen vehicle tracking service
  • European Navigation Option
Other services
Smartnav is supported by 24 hour, seven day a week personal assistance. The Smartnav PA’s offer emergency and breakdown support and can order flowers or wine and book you a hotel.
For more info give us a ring or call in to our shop (details on contact page).

NVE-N099P DVD GPS Car Navigation System

The most accurate and comprehensive road guidance available.
For those who demand the best, the high-end NVE-N099P DVD navigation system is the most powerful road guidance we’ve ever used. Featuring advanced functions, superior performance and easy operation, it gets you where you want to go, on time and in style – and provides wide TMC real-time traffic coverage as well as voice guidance in twelve languages.
Throw away your road maps and clean out your glove compartment. The system features a new high-speed 64-bit processor and data bus for ultra-fast response and smooth position indication, this unit is also compatible with all our wide-screen monitors – including the touch control.
This is our flag-ship sat nav system, we have it on demo for you to come and see; both in-store and in demo cars.

Reversing Sensors

Also known as parking sensors, reversing sensors aid parking by the use of an audible beep that gets increasingly quicker the closer your car is to a hazard. The four sensor kit is our most popular model, with prices starting at £330 fully fitted. The quality of all the sensors we use are equal, if not better, than those of the actual car manufacturers, hence … no false warnings. We can also colour code the parking sensors to a colour of your choice at no extra charge (all we ask is that you supply the colour in a spray can). For more info,
please don’t hesitate to contact us.