Car Alarms

We have specialised in Clifford alarm systems since 1993 simply because we believe they are the best. In the UK over a million vehicles are broken into or vandalised every year, with over 200,000 vehicles being stolen. Evidently, “factory” security simply does not provide enough protection.
Faulty Clifford Car Alarm Repairs with Spare parts.
Arrow 5.1
This offers great protection including all doors, boot, bonnet and a dual zone shock sensor giving a warn – away or full alarm trigger depending on the level of attack. Should the Alarm be triggered a theif will be startled by the loud and very noticeable Clifford 6 tone siren. Complete with Two remote control fobs which have spare buttons for the remote start add on unit Intellistart to warm and defrost your car on a frosty morning.
Concept 650 cat1
This insurance, category 1, alarm system has a dual zone proximity sensor which warns away a potential thief with a sharp burst on the siren when standing within a few feet of your vehicle. Also included is the BlackJax anti-hijack feature, this means that even if a potential car thief does manage to get your keys, they still will not be able to get away with your vehicle. The BlackJax is also available as a stand-alone product. We can also service all Clifford alarm systems, even the ones we haven’t installed, and we also carry a large stock of parts and accessories. For more information on the BlackJax, and all other alarm systems that we offer, please give us a call, drop by or e-mail us.
Watch the video below to see how the Clifford Black Jax anti hijack stsyem works.

There are many features which can be added to the Clifford alarms which improve the system furthur:

Clifford CallGuard

The Clifford CallGuard unit is a universal GSM control and monitoring system, all commands and alerts are done via SMS text messages via mobile phone

The CallGuard unit is compatible with all GSM 900/1800Mhz networks and optional 850/1900Mhz networks which makes it worldwide compatible and works with pre-paid (Pay-As-You-Go) and contract SIM cards from most service providers.
The unit can be used as a standalone system, or integrated to operate withCall Guard for GPS Tracking an OEM or aftermarket alarm/ keyless entry system to alert any intrusions.
The unit is easy to install and operate.
GSM Pager System features:-
  • 4 digit programmable pin number protection for all commands.
  • 5 controllable outputs; 4 negative, 1 positive.
  • 6 reportable inputs; 3 negative digital, 1 positive multiplexed,
  • Battery monitoring and alerts user when battery voltage falls below 10.5V.
  • All programming completed via SMS commands.
  • Controlled outputs can be used to Lock/Unlock vehicle and remote start.
  • Uses any network SIM card (not supplied)
  • User selectable reporting options

Have a look at the video below:


Clifford Intellistart

As the name suggests, Intellistart is an inteligent remote engine start system. Safely start your engine and get things warm and defrosted on a frosty morning without even leaving the house. Key features are:

  • Start engine at the press of a button by remote control
  •  Doors remain locked
  •  Will not start in gear
  • Nice and warm on a frosty morning
  • Nice and cool in summer


Clifford Smartwindows

As the name suggests, Smartwindows has full control of the electric windows. Safely close, open and gap  all from the clifford remote control. Key features are:

  • Windows Automatically close when alarm is armed.
  • Open windows after disarming the alarm.
  • Gap the windows slightly for a little ventilation on a hot day (Alarm Armed)
  • Upgrades to one touch up & down using standard switches on both driver and passenger sides.

Have a look at the video below: