Lone Worker

Help When You Need It Most



Lone workers face many dangers, they can be trained to have the safest working practices and know exactly how to deal with almost any situation but none the less there will be times they need to call for help. The problem with picking up the phone to ask for help is time which in an emergency situation there is little of, then the lone worker would need to explain where they are, again time consuming plus they may not be able to give an exact location description to who they call.


Lone Workers Can Call For Help Using Our GPS Tracking System

Many companies do their best to minimise the risks for their lone workforce, often looking at new technology to protect their staff and ease the burden of health and safety compliance.

K and M Acoustics offer several options to help lone workers remain safe using the latest GPS tracking technology. Not only can the position be monitored but help can be summoned by the lone worker at the press of a button.

There are several different configurations we can use with our personal tracking system. The most popular is to host the tracking on our platform allowing many tracking systems to be viewed on one map from any computer or Smartphone anywhere. This method gives very detailed and powerful reports to be generated regarding arrival and exit times from sites. When the call for help SOS button is pressed on the personal tracker, your computer or Smartphone will create an alert showing the position and the lone worker’s details shown on Google maps.

Additional settings can send SMS texts or e-mail to several key people at once again with GPS position on Google maps. These key people will then execute the correct procedures and provide the correct level of assistance such as call police or direct the nearest person to the location as shown on the map.

Key personnel will have access to dial in and speak to the worker who pressed the SOS via the personal trackers phone capabilities or listen in to what is going on at that time. Pre configured numbers can be accessed directly from the personal tracker allowing calls to be made if necessary.

An alternative way of configuration of the lone worker tracking system is to use a pay as you go sim. This works on a text and voice call basis only, if called the unit will reply with a text containing a link to Google maps showing the location. The SOS button can be configured to make a call to a pre stored number or send texts up to three phones.

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