Insurance Approved Tracking Systems


Thatcham Insurance Approved Tracking System

Insurance Approved Tracking CAT6 and CAT5


  • Trackstar is an insurance approved Thatcham CAT6 and CAT5 rated vehicle Tracker with an average recovery time of less than one hour and even recovered a vehicle in 8 minutes!
  • The only Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover and BMW approved system.
  • Trackstar is a monitored GPS Vehicle tracker which means that your vehicle is tracked to street level accuracy as soon as it triggers as stolen.
  • The Trackstar Plus is one of the few tracker systems which can be removed and refitted if you change cars.
  • Trackstar can be fitted to all modern 12 and 24 volt vehicles. It is also suitable for caravans, a wide range of plant machinery and some trailers.
What Trackstar Does. The insurance approved tracker will track your car if it is moved, without your vehicle’s key in the ignition.  This vehicle tracker works by sending a signal to the Trafficmaster National control center who will pin point your vehicle’s whereabouts using GPS satellite tracking.  The Trackstar stolen vehicle tracker system is also equipped with a motion sensor and will alert the Control center in the event of your vehicle being moved by low loader or towing.
The control center will call you to confirm that your vehicle has been stolen and will liaise with the police, who are given details of your vehicle’s precise location.   These signals are updated few seconds.  You could get your car back within an hour – the fastest recovery so far is 8 minutes!
Even if your car is not stolen, the control center allow you to verify the whereabouts of your vehicle 6 times a year.
Trackstar is part of the Trafficmaster group.  You may be aware of Trafficmaster from their network of traffic flow cameras, these are the blue poles you see on most UK  roads and motorways bridges.
Price, fully-fitted, is £299.
Subscriptions Subscriptions are paid directly to Trafficmaster after the installation has been carried out although your unit will be made ‘live’ on installation.  In order to ensure that your system is tracking on installation, we will need to complete the subscription form with both the vehicle and user details.
Subscription Charges
European cover is £147.50 per year, there is an option to pay for 3 years and get a saving, for full details please give us a call, drop-in or e-mail.

Please give Keith or Mike a quick call on 01942 820174 and they will go through all the options.