Speed Camera Detectors


In an ideal world there would be a device that sits on the dashboard of your car that could detect and protect you from all types of speed cameras. This device would warn you of fixed cameras and the portable speed traps too.

Unfortunately there are many types of speed cameras and they all use slightly different technology making a simple dashboard mounted device unable to give true protection.


It is easier to break speed cameras into two categories and treat them as two separate threats.


The threats are:-


Fixed Cameras: Theses generally are not moved very often, there are some that can be moved such as motorway repair, but they are not moved several time a day like the mobile types.


Mobile Cameras: Can be set up anywhere, hand held guns can be set up on a tripod or in the back of a van pointing out of a flap.

These use laser to measure your speed and can calculate your speed in around 0.3 seconds.


To effectively protect against both of theses threats involves having two separate devices.

For fixed cameras you need a good dash mounted camera locator which uses GPS and a database to know where all the cameras are. Some devices “claim” they are laser detectors but this is not really useful when you only have a 0.3 second window to react. Also they may “claim” they will warn you about laser speed traps, but these are just locations stored where the police sometimes are. The problem with probable locations is you get the warning when the police are not there. In some areas you could get a warning as you approach a bridge, lay bye or large hedge.


To protect against mobile laser speed traps requires equipment installing in the front and sometimes rear grill mesh of your vehicle. These devices when hit by laser will send a countermeasure effectively making your vehicle invisible to the device measuring your speed. Theses devices are known as jammers, there is a warning buzzer so you would know if you stumble into a speed trap, the difference being  you are not actually giving out a speed measurement until you switch off the jammers.

It is worth checking the legality of these devices.Speed Camera Laser Jammer