Vehicle Cameras Advice

With the advancement in technology it is easy to get overwhelmed by some of the technical jargon and features vehicle cameras offer and with prices varying so much a wrong choice could be costly.

Accident Witness Cameras

High Definition Car Camera with Audio and GPS

Generally if you are looking for a vehicle camera as an accident witness camera to protect you during your day to day driving  should an accident occur, then we have a range of cameras which are insurance approved. Generally to be effective they need to be “hard wired” to the ignition key rather than cigarette lighter socket ensuring the camera is always working on every journey. These small windscreen mounted cameras have the benefit of seeing what is going on in front of the vehicle where most accidents happen and have a very accurate shock / G-force sensor to detect an accident. This doesn’t mean you need to crash to make it record as the camera is recording all the time anyway; the G-force sensor just stores the accident in a safe place where it can’t be overwritten during normal driving later. A handy feature these cameras have is the ability to use the “pre buffer” which will show what happened well before the actual shock or accident took place, clearly showing what happened before the accident as well as the accident itself.  GPS data is also collected clearly showing the speed, position and direction of the accident which helps insurance companies see exactly who is to blame and the likelihood of valid whiplash claims.

Insurance companies are offering discounts for using certain types of camera and rightly so when you look at the amount insurance scams happening every day.

Commercial Vehicle Cameras

Commercial Vehicles CCTV and Tracking

Larger vehicles often have accidents, it’s just the nature of the tasks these vehicles are put to week in week out. Many of these accidents are minor but the claims that go with theses minor accidents are often substantial driving up insurance costs and creating very time consuming paperwork.

Accident Witness cameras used in cars will work in commercial vehicles recording the forward view along with speed and G-forces involved. They can have their sensitivity adjusted to suite the commercial environment and do a good job in most cases. This is a low cost solution that works well, frontal accidents are recorded along with GPS speed and position shown on Google maps.

As you know with commercial vehicles many accidents don’t involve the front of the vehicle, more the sides and the rear, an accident witness camera will still show speed, GPS position and G-forces involved along with what is going on at the front at that time.

We offer the correct equipment which can record using four, eight or even sixteen cameras simultaneously ensuring full coverage all the way around the vehicle inside and out. While this may seem excessive, it is by far the best way to gather evidence and ensure insurance claims are kept to a minimum. Our sophisticated recording equipment can offer far more benefits than the simple accident witness cameras, the main one being far greater memory capacity allowing weeks or even months of recordings to be stored safely.

Track Day Cameras

In Car Action Camera System

Track Day Camera System

These are often used by enthusiasts and are often a hybrid of technologies using high frame rates and high definition cameras to catch all the action. There are many variations but generally the best ones record directly to a hard drive or media player which can record two to four cameras simultaneously. Often the media player has a screen for instant viewing allowing instant review of laps without additional hardware. There are options for internal cameras and external cameras, some are even waterproof allowing recording to be done in the most extreme conditions.