HGV Cameras

The BEST Solution:
Blind Spots, Accident Witness and Clandestine prevention.

The Problem:
It is a well known fact that Lorries and HGV have blind spots.
Every fleet operator knows the pressure placed on them to improve safety and keep their vehicles on the road without mishap.
Not seeing an obstacle or worse still a cyclist is a fear that all professional drivers and fleet operators have.
Cyclists and pedestrians often have no respect for the size of the vehicle or poor visibility the drivers have, yet they rarely get reprimanded for their dangerous behaviour.
To further add to this pressure, many minor accidents which would have been a couple of hundred pounds worth of damage have generated huge insurance compensation payouts forcing premiums to rocket as legal teams do their thing.
The requirements of safety devices at certain cities and sites such as CROSS RAIL and F.O.R.S are on the increase, often preventing entry or removal from suppliers list vehicles that do not meet their safety standards.
Further to all this, the responsibility of preventing illegal entry of would be illegal immigrants into the country has been placed firmly on the shoulders of drivers, with fines of up to £2000 per clandestine entry.
We have developed a solution which can help with all of the problems mentioned above.
Our solution offers Cross Rail / F.O.R.S compliance with the added benefit of insurance approved recording to allow crucial accident information to be captured in detail.
The blind spot cameras clearly show the driver what is happening down BOTH sides of the vehicle as well as behind when reversing.
The live images are shown all the time but go to full screen when the driver indicates or engages reverse gear.
We have been working hard to develop technology that can provide all the Cross Rail and F.O.R.S helpful blind spot features backed up with insurance approved secure recording criteria.
Our latest innovation is a 5 channel recorder with touch screen monitor for ease of control.
This unique product has a high definition forward facing cameras for accident witness purposes, with 4 more high resolution cameras for blind spot coverage.
All 5 cameras are recorded simultaneously on a secure hard drive with GPS information to show speed and position on Google maps.
This means all 4 vehicle sides are covered with an extra camera spare to put to use elsewhere.
Having an extra camera is ideal for driver behaviour, goods monitoring, theft prevention or when installed in a suitable position can aid in detecting clandestine entrants.
We can install the extra cameras to view and capture potential clandestine activity even in total darkness using infra red – this will show the driver clearly what is going on in the loading area.
To really bring this technology together, we have pioneered a solution to provide robust yet economical broadband for vehicles, providing live viewing of vehicle CCTV as well as access to the recordings even in high definition.
This greatly simplifies the back up process of important evidence which has been captured. There is no need to go to the vehicle directly and remove the storage when it is available on-line.
It is now possible to view entire fleets using tracking while seeing in real time what is going on around and inside each vehicle.
We have developed this further to offer security features such as scheduled recording, motion detection and tamper alerts. The results can be sent directly via e-mail or SMS text should activity happen out of normal hours which is ideal for high risk goods in transit.