Insurance Approved Vehicle Cameras


Insurance Approved Car Camera System

The benefits of having insurance approved in car CCTV camera system installed really pays off when you have an accident that was not your fault or a minor accident that was. All too often claims for whiplash and other expenses force the cost of a simple accident into a major pay out, factor in the legal costs and what should be a few hundred pounds becomes thousands.


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More and more insurance companies are backing customers who use CCTV cameras in their vehicles. Discounts are available to professional drivers and company fleets; it really does make sense saving you time and money all along the way.

 Commercial Vehicle CCTV systems


The main requirements for insurance approved witness cameras are:-


Witness Cameras  Need to securely store high quality video and have a pre – buffer to show before, during and after the accident.

Professional installation – Cameras should be connected directly to your ignition key, not cigarette lighter socket so the system works on every journey.

Secure Data – The recorded data needs to be tamper proof and ideally “locked in” so only the correct people have access to what could be sensitive and confidential.

GPS – This will show clearly on Google maps the road, the route and speed that was involved before the accident took place.

G-Force sensor – This works on 3-axis, forwards, backwards, up, down, left and right.

This shows vital information clearly showing what kind of forces where involved during impact. A very minor amount of g-force does not cause whiplash!


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