Taxi and Minibus Cameras

Taxi minibus with cctv

Taxi with cctv






Designed with passenger carrying vehicles in mind there is an option to film not just what is going on through the front window but what your passengers are doing in the back along with conversations as audio is recorded simultaneously.


Taxi camera with night vision for recording passengersEven at night, passengers can be clearly seen as the i400 camera comes with high power infra red illumination recording exactly what is going on behind the driver.


If something happens either on the road or inside the vehicle that needs capturing simply press the incident button which will effectively go back in time and record what happened and store the footage in a safe place where it cannot be over written. Even if you don’t press the incident button – recording will be taking place anyway.

All our cameras measure and record the telemetry of driving, showing accurately the forces involved measured in g – force. Should a sudden excessive force occur during a collision or emergency stop, the data along with the video and audio prior to the event will be stored safely for evidence.


Many drivers have to suffer with troublesome customers and as you know they can step over the line and even break the law. To safeguard the driver and fellow passengers the best option is to safely capture not only video but audio as well.

This safeguards both parties as passengers will feel safer and drivers know they are protected from wild accusations and disputes.


The use of in vehicle CCTV has saved thousands of pounds in would be claims along with the time defending what is often a ludicrous accusation a customer invents in their drunken state.

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