Car Audio In The North West

Hi Welcome to my Absolutely must know before you buy car audio in the north west advice Page. If you want all 10 of my best advice tips before you buy car audio, then visit the HOME page by clicking the link at the top left of the page.

Let me introduce myself again. My name is Mike Winstanley from K and M Acoustics in Wigan, North West England. We K and M Acoustics have been specialists in the car audio and car security business for overĀ 20 years. In this time we have built up a great wealth of skill knowledge and of course lots of tips and advice for our customers.

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Remember these Absolutely must know chunks of advice will hopefully help you through your car audio buying process without wasting any of your hard earned cash!

1st “WORD OF MOUTH” The first BIG bit of advice is a good universal one. The simple rule of Word of Mouth! people seem to forget about this golden rule when buying anything not just car audio. Simply ask your friends about a particular product or company and I’ll bet one of them will have an opinion good or bad (Hopefully in K and Ms case all good). Also in today’s world of the Internet and email you can easily contact lots of friends, for example Facebook is a good quick and easy way of asking all your friends the same question about car audio with only a few taps of the keyboard. There are a number of forums out there to checked out and this is a very independent way of getting good word of mouth.

If you end up with all your mates saying don’t go there then don’t go, but if most of your mates are saying good things then it’s a good bet they won’t be wrong and you won’t be disappointed. A second tip in the 1st bit of advice is to mention to the sales guy or girl that your friends have recommended you go to this particular store, they will be under no illusion that you want good service the same as your friends “and you will get it !!

This is only the first bit of advice, if you want all 10 of my absolutely must know things before you buy car audio then visit our HOME page by clicking the link at the top of the page.