In Car Entertainment Liverpool

In Car Entertainment Liverpool .Your car is more than just a way to get around. Modern cars boast a host of features, including the seamless, fully loaded in car entertainment Liverpool craves.No longer need you and your passengers be content with simply waiting to get from one place to another. Nowadays, you can stay thoroughly, safely entertained the whole way. This K and M Acoustics guide will brief you on the basic options.


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Rear passenger entertainment takes many forms, including both the passive and the interactive. Watching a full length feature film is easily possible with a drop down screen that lets you select programs from digital TV signals or from a DVD changer. Massive 17” wide-screens promise to keep children fully enthralled for the duration of the ride.

While drop down screens remain exceedingly popular with drivers who want to keep the kids quiet, if you have more than one passenger you can choose smaller headrest versions, mounted seamlessly in the back of the front seats’ headrests, these screens allow each passenger to watch their own program, play a video game or listen to music. Finally your family can say goodbye to disputes over which channel to watch and say hello to enjoying drives whose passengers are decidedly less rumbustious.

Entertainment should never mean distractions for drivers, especially considering how content and quiet children are listening to the in car entertainment Liverpool drivers buy at K and M Acoustics. Younger passengers can enjoy their favourite videos using either thehi-fi speaker systems included with screens or on wireless headphones that ensure the driver doesn’t have to listen along as well.

There’s nothing wrong with staying entertained, and at K and M Acoustics, we know how to keep you that way. Our audio professionals are known throughout Europe. Our hard work provides customers with the most amazing sound systems they’ve ever heard, and we love teaching casual listeners and regular drivers how to enhance their listening and multimedia viewing experiences as well.

With over 18 years of installation experience, we never make the mistakes your typical car audio shop would. The systems we install last for years, even for owners who decide they absolutely must use them at full capacity, so don’t let anyone else touch your new system,  for more information call the team on 01942 820174 or visit our Wigan shop today to experience new extremes in, in car entertainment.