In car speakers north west

The speakers in a car are the accessories on which the quality of sound of any car’s audio is dependant. For those wanting in car speakers north west, the installation of various in car speakers is not a major concern as the north west is very close to Wigan, and once you reach Wigan, you can safely bring your car over to us at K and M Acoustics.

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Your drive to Wigan from around the north west is between 10 minutes and 30 minutes   journey, and to add to the trip, you can go for a picnic with your family at the Haigh Hall Country Park!

K and M Acoustics in Wigan literally solves your confusions about the type of speakers you want to install, as we show you our collection of speakers and the demo cars we will give you the help for you to decide on the ones you want. The K and M Acoustics team of specialists installs all kinds of speakers including front speakers, rear speakers, and subwoofers.
The front speakers give an astounding quality of sound. The popular brands are ‘Genesis’ and CDT. Our team of specialists at K and M Acoustics installs front speakers with both 6.5” and 5.25” sizes as per your choice. The prices of the speakers range from £130 onwards.You will surely like the rear speakers in our showroom available in 6” – 9” sizes. One of our customers wanted to install rear speakers on the rear shelf of the car – which is easy to do. You can choose your rear speakers from £50 to £250.

Subwoofers are a special type of speaker meant for producing low frequencies of bass sounds. Most of our customers find it amazing to learn that the speaker size comes in 10”, 12”, and 15”. I prefer to install the size 12” for most of my customers cars. One can also opt for the huge 18” sized subwoofers. If you are addicted to loud music with good bass, then these subwoofers are the speakers for you. The prices of subwoofers start from £40 – £60.
Few of the popular types of in car speakers north west, in car audio systems as installed by our team at  K and M Acoustics are: Planet Audio BigBang 6.5” 2-way audiophile component speaker system BB65PRO, Planet Audio BigBang 6.5” 2-way component speaker system BB625C, and Planet Audio BigBang 6” x 9” 3-way speaker system BB690. While few other varieties are, Planet Audio M2 4″ 2-Way Speakers P422, and Planet Audio M2 5-1/4″ 2 Way Component Speakers P5.