Car Tracking in Liverpool

Liverpool has become even more popular with its association with the Beatles, but it is also being stirred by hijacking that occurs every now and then. The solution is car tracking in Liverpool fitted by K and M acoustics in Wigan.

What you need is a good system that doesn’t only perform car tracking in Liverpool and around the rest of Merseyside but also assistance to police when it comes to nabbing criminals in Merseyside.  Do you know that the solution being talked about is just 20 minutes away from you?

For more information about car tracking contact Keith or Mike on 01942 820174 or call in the car audio shop in Wigan.

Liverpool Trackstar logo

The TM100 is enough reason for you to go to Wigan. There, you can find K & M Acoustics whose sole business is to help car owners like you secure the investment. In fact, this device has been so effective that it’s highly recommended by the British police force and the insurance industry. Plus if you have this installed in your car, you can greatly reduce your insurance  premiums.

The TM100 is owned by Trackstar, which is also part of  Traffic Master. They have several blue poles installed all over the trunk roads,  they also have cameras that help monitor the movement of vehicles. However, they can provide you with exact locations because of the support from the satellites owned by the U.S. military. The live feeds are provided from space to Traffic Master.

The unit also comes with motion sensor, which allows the network to determine if your vehicle has been moved. If it is, you will be notified of the changes. If you have high suspicion of theft, you can then report the incident to the Merseyside police using the data provided by the car tracking in Liverpool device. The police, in turn, will hand you your criminal reference number.

You then have to give it to a Trackstar operator at 0844 561 999 0. He or she will be the one to turn on the tracking function of the system.

There are a number of advantages of using this device, besides the discounts from insurance companies. For one, it doesn’t agitate the thief, because it doesn’t produce any sound at all. It doesn’t have alarms installed, so he or she will be more complacent when driving. It prevents high-speed chases and possible damage to the vehicle.

For more information about car tracking contact Keith or Mike on 01942 820174 or call in the car audio shop in Wigan