Car Tracking in Warrington

Are you currently living in Warrington?  Then you should know one grim truth: the crime rate of car theft has increased over the years. This means that your investment may just be gone in a matter of seconds. The solution to this is car tracking in Warrington supplied and fitted by K and M acoustics of Wigan.

This means there is something you can do to prevent it from happening. By using a tracking system on your car you have a highly increased chance of retrieving your stolen car and even assist the police force in catching thecriminal.

You need to use TM100 GPS car tracking deviceFor more information on car tracking and car security in Warrington contact K and M acoustics of Wigan in the North West on 01942 820174.

Tracking gps system


TM100, which is formerly known as RAC Trackstar Plus, is one of the best devices to use for car tracking in Warrington. This is because it doesn’t appear conspicuously to the thief. It doesn’t make any sound or produce any visible flashing lights.

This TM100 GPS tracking device utilizes the global positioning system. It receives signals from the satellites controlled by the United States forces. In turn, they send live images of different locations to Trafficmaster. Since the TM100 belongs to Trafficmaster, it will then become very easy to track your car.

As their client, you will receive updates or notifications just in case the vehicle has been moved to another location. Sometimes it will be transferred even without the keys in the ignition through the use of tow trucks and loaders. This then permits you to get your vehicles immediately.

On the other hand, if you have become a victim of hijacking, the device for car tracking in Warrington can tell you the exact location of the vehicle. You can then notify the police, who will give you a criminal reference number. You can give this to the Trackstar operator; its number is 0844 561 999 0. It will activate the GPS tracking feature of the device, so you will be able to receive updates every 20 seconds. The police will also be able to determine where your car can be found.

TM100 gives you an opportunity to be a participant in getting your car, as well as for nabbing the criminal because the car tracking device works well. In fact, it is recommended not only by the police force but also by the British insurance industry.
If these aren’t good enough reasons, you can have it by merely driving 25 minutes from Warrington  to Wigan and look for K & M Acoustics.

For more information on car tracking and car security in Warrington contact K and M acoustics of Wigan in the North West on 01942 820174