Clifford Car Alarm in Preston & Blackpool.

If you are a car enthusiast and live near Preston or Blackpool you will undoubtedly have heard the best car alarm to protect your vehicle with has to be a Clifford.

For the best security system to be reliable and trouble free it has to be installed by experts who will guarantee the installation and take great care of your car.

clifford-alarm-arrow-5-1Many people in theNorth West have trusted K and M Acoustics to install the best car alarm. If you want the best car alarm system and you live near Preston, Blackpool, Kendal or Leyland, it is worth the short journey to be sure the install is done properly.

Insurance approved car alarms are known as Thatcham Approved meaning it appears on insurance company databases and offering cheaper car insurance.

As the Clifford Car Alarm is known to protect your car from being stolen, it is also known for making life a little easier by adding features such as automatic window closure & closure of cabriolet roof, remote engine start, mobile phone control of alarm system, tracker and even garage door control.

For advice on the best system for you give K and M Acoustics a call on 01942 820174.

The most important and best car alarm feature of the Clifford range has to be the Blackjax system which will protect your vehicle even if your keys are taken by a would be thief. All too often keys are stolen by various devious means, from fishing through letterboxes right through to full on violent hijacking. The Blackjax feature will allow the vehicle to be started then driven but then asks for a code which is simply entered using just 2 buttons. The thief will not know the combination so the Clifford Car Alarm will flash the brake lights to warn the traffic behind that it is going to stop the vehicle. If the code is not entered, the Clifford waits until your vehicle slows to a safe speed then switches the engine off, sounds the siren then because your vehicle is stopped in the middle of the road puts the hazard warning lights on. So even if your car gets stolen it doesn’t get very far meaning you get your car back immediately usually without damage.

Clifford remoteSome of the best car alarm installations in the Preston and Blackpool areas have been installed on superb performance cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Lotus, and even Kit Cars. Clifford Car Alarms offer a range of car security systems offering great value for money so you can have a quality car alarm on your vehicle without breaking the bank.

Prices start at £280 including expert installation and full guarantee and go right through to £1380 with all the features you could possibly have.