Car Audio Advice

Car Audio Advice

For the best car audio advice in the UK call into K and M Acoustics in Wigan click here for a map to K and M Acoustics here is a little advice for beginners.

General Car Audio Advice for new car audio enthusiasts, this is taken from a thread with over 2000 views.
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“It may all be trial and error, but errors can cost money, especially if to have just spent £150 on a subwoofer and blow it or are not getting the best out of the sub. Someone could have a set up and think they are getting a great sound out of it. Someone could then make a few alterations or change a wire thickness and make dramatic improvements. ”

The simple answer is to go to your Local Car Audio stores have a listen to the demo cars and sound boards in the shops with your own ears not someone else’s opinion and with your budget in mind BUY the car audio from the shop that gives the best advice that sell the products that YOU like the sound of best!

Then if you’re not happy with the sound or want more BASS / SQ / go back and tell the “sales man or woman” what your overall project is and they should be able to send you on the right track without wasting any money along the way on cr#p.

K and M Acoustics will quite happily discus peoples car audio systems for a long period of time just to make the customer happy, this includes the equipment and the budget. HELL that’s what we have done for the last 20 Years and i don’t think we have any unhappy customers. By giving good car audio advice in the first place we can save customers a lot of money in the long run.

All you have to do is come to the shop in Wigan and start listening to the equipment and learning from our well over 20 years of experience.
For more information call Mike, Keith or any of the team at K and M Acoustics on 01942 820174.