Improve Your Fuel Economy with DTE Chip

DTE Tuning BoxWith today’s gas prices constantly on the rise, it is important to take advantage of the DTE Chip as soon as possible. This in turn can save you a considerable amount of money during any given year. Although there are different driving habits you can adjust to and car maintenance also plays a large part in ensuring a properly running vehicle with the best fuel efficiency, there are other ways you can go about improving your fuel economy too. When you drive a diesel based, turbo charged engine, you may see consumption of fuel increase, due to the turbo engine. This increases the amount of diesel required to drive the vehicle in exchange for better handling and a higher performance.

However, there is a way to offset this, as the DTE Diesel Tuning Chip allows you to greatly improve most aspects of your vehicles performance.

Whether you drive your vehicle locally or anywhere else in the country, fuel efficiency is important, which is why the DTE Diesel Tuning chip is so important. There are a large number of benefits your car can receive after the installation, one being a 40% gain in power and torque. This allows you to take turns faster, increases performance and overall speed while using the vehicle. On top of this, there is also up to a 20% improvement in fuel economy. Being able to drive up to further on any take of gas is an incredible way to save money. After just a few fill ups, the DTE Diesel Tuning chip is paid for, allowing you to then drive anywhere for less.

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Diesel Chip in Wigan Fuel Saving GuageWhen using a performance vehicle on a regular basis, it is important to take advantage of any sort of cost saving equipment, especially when it comes to fuel economy. General maintenance of the car does help improve the overall performance and fuel efficiency of the vehicle, but outside of this, it is possible to use other methods in order to increase the number of miles received per gallon. This is easily done with the installation of the DTE diesel tuning chip fitted by professional installers at K and M Acoustics, Wigan.