Petrol Tuning Chip Supplier, Wigan

Most car owners are always looking for a way to improve their car’s performance. A petrol tuning chip from a qualified suppler such as K and M Acoustics in Wigan, may make the difference between a car that struggles and one that performs as desired.

DTE Tuning BoxThe petrol tuning chip is specifically designed to be installed in your car’s electronic control unit (ECU), which controls how an engine operates in a variety of ways. It can control everything from a car’s fuel injection system to its valve timing. A car’s enhanced performance can be done by carefully utilizing the information stored on its ECU calibration file.

What a petrol tuning chip does is to change the ECU map in a car. Should someone be driving a car that has a defectively tuned ECU unit, it may cause a serious decline in the car’s ability to function as well as its drivability. If not corrected this could eventually cause engine damage.


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Most modern cars have their performances limited by manufactures because many car owners do not perform regularly requested servicing as well as use poor quality fuels. Purchasing a petrol tuning chip from a qualified supplier such as K and M Acoustics in Wigan can enable a car to break free of a manufacturer’s limitations.

Fuel Saving Pump in WiganA car with a modern turbocharged petrol engine could improve its performance when its ignition timing advance is properly adjusted. This will result in a car having advanced timing which will require only high-octane gasoline be used in the car. Using this type of fuel will prevent a car’s engine pinging or having pre-ignition detonation.

It is also important to upgrade a car’s ECU map if its engine has had any adjustments to the exhaust or intake systems. Such modifications will change how an engine flows and could result in a change to its air to fuel ratio. When this happens, unless a re-mapping is done to the ECU, any improvements realized from the modifications will be null and void.

If the owner of a car with modern turbocharged petrol engine is in the Wigan area and looking for a supplier who can get them the petrol tuning chip, they need may find no other supplier than K and M Acoustics.