Van Fleet Tracking in Skelmersdale

Fleet Tracking SystemBusinesses in Skelmersdale that are interested in acquiring GPS Tracking can turn to K and M Acoustics for a level of professionalism quality that is unmatched. Since 1994 K and M Acoustics have built a reputation on their expertise in Audio System installations. Now they are quickly doing the same with fleet GPS installation.
Why is GPS installation important for company vans? Consider these scenarios:

•    Theft – your employee leaves the van and upon returning discovers it has been stolen

•    Slacking – One or more of your employees seem to take longer to arrive at a job than seems necessary.

•    Evidence in case of accident – A charge of hit and run is made against a van you own.

In each of these cases, a GPS Tracking System could save you money. It will find your stolen vehicle and can determine un-authorised use of the van. It can provide evidence that can be used in court to show where your vehicle was and where it was not at any given time.

Contact K and M today and let us explain all the benefits to GPS Tracking with satellite mapping on: 01942 820174

If those scenarios seem extreme, consider these more mundane yet important uses of Fleet Monitoring.

GPS Tracking SystemKnowing the exact location of every vehicle makes dispatching more efficient, saving time as well as fuel. Moreover, customer service improves when dispatch is able to pinpoint every vehicle in the fleet. Your customers will appreciate the faster service you are able to provide thanks to GPS monitoring.

With the ability to compare driving speed per time of day and route taken, you can improve efficiency. Your company will have recorded data about speed with historic playback, information regarding idle times and direction of travel as well. Additionally, thanks to the accompanying Satellite Mapping Technology you will be able to follow each turn of the wheel on screen. A GPS Tracking may even reduce your insurance costs.

If GPS is something your business may be interested in you will not find a more reliable, service oriented installation team than K and M Acoustics.