Van Tracking in Bolton

Like any London thoroughfare, the streets of Bolton can be extremely busy. You can also factor in the possible emergencies that your drivers may encounter when you are in the road, such as hijacks and accidents.

The good news is that there is already a very effective van tracking device that you can make use of. The staff tracking system called FleetDirector is now being offered by K & M Acoustics, a reliable company and installation expert, located just 20 minutes away.

For more details on Fleet Director and Van tracking contact K and M Acoustics on: 01942 820174

Tracking of VehiclesFleetDirector has become the best fleet management program to date as it doesn’t just offer GPS fleet management function and help you locate the positions of your vans or trucks. It does so much more. Here is how van tracking inBoltoncan be made more effective with FleetDirector:

1. It provides clearer satellite mapping. If you are just presented with roads, you will never have a very good idea where your driver and van really is. With the help of satellite mapping, you can clearly see at your end the surrounding area of the vans, as well as the exact location where your vehicle is or has stopped.

For example, it would not make sense to you if the van is right in the middle of the road, but when you can see a refinery or a shop across it, it will confirm your driver is exactly where they say they are at any given time.

Fleet Tracking System2. It can greatly reduce your transport costs. With the rising cost of fuel, you cannot help but look for ways on how to cut back on this particular expense. Unless you do so, you will not be able to save much and may even be forced to raise the prices of your goods to compensate for the additional costs.

Fortunately, FleetDirector is the new way to help you save financially. The van tracking system will provide you with live traffic information, so you can avoid roads that would cause your vehicle to remain idle but still using fuel. Another great feature of the Fleet Director and how it could work for your business.