Handsfree Phone kits in Wigan

K and M Acoustics are well known for supplying and installing handsfree phone kits in wigan. Based at Seven Stars Bridge on Wallgate Wigan we are the easiest and most central handsfree phone installation centre.

For more information about K and M Acoustics and the products we supply and install click on the links. Or if you want more info about the the hands free kits we supply and fit click on Hands Free phone kits or give Keith or Mike a ring on 01942 820174 for more info.


Parrot handsfree The Parrot ck 3100 is a universal hands free option all you must have is a phone with bluetooth (most modern phones will). Once your phone has been paired with the car kit it will acknowledge every time you get into the car once the ignition is switched on.

Sound will come through the cars speakers and your voice will be picked up by a small build-in microphone so you can speak at normal level. We are now the only Parrot UK certified install center for the Wigan area. we also stock the Parrot ipod and phone kit total integration with ipod usb and auxiliary input for all your music integration.

Wigan handsfree fitted Because the phone is connected by bluetooth it doesn’t have to be in a cradle so the phone can be anywhere in the car (boot/pocket/handbag/cradle). With all the parrot kits as shown above the small screen will display your phonebook* so it’s very easy to use the dial to make and receive calls. If you change phones or someone else uses your car they can pair their bluetooth enabled phone into the kit.

The CK 3100 Parrot Phone kit fitted in wigan in our 3000 sq foot workshop is the easies way of staying safe and legal. The new penalty for getting caught on your mobile phone whilst driving is £60 and 3 points, yes 3 points.

So why not give Keith or Mike a ring on 01942 820174 for more info about hands free in Wigan Address: K and M Acoustics European House Seven Stars Road, Wallgate Wigan WN3 5AT UK Phone Number: 01942 820174 Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8:45am till 5:30pm Saturday 8:45am till 4:00pm Late Night Opening till 7:00pm on Thursdays