SQ Plus Manchester Car Audio

Anyone who is a car audio enthusiast will remember seeing some of the top quality car audio installations in magazines and marvelled at the quality of work by SQ Plus in Manchester. Many magazine features centred around SQ Plus Manchester customers cars with bright Alcantara covered door panels and vehicle interiors with multitudes of colour screens, DVD players and Playstation consoles all showcasing SQ Plus in Manchester great install skills.

Loudest Car Audio VanSQ Plus Manchester Car Audio was run by a nice chap called Phil Leach, he specialised in some of the best car audio installations in the country. Many of the installations completed by SQ Plus had large budgets which could really let the car audio creative juices flow. Ideally positioned near Trafford Park many famous footballers could have their cars customised and really enjoy the car audio upgrade experience. After all, prestige cars need prestige car audio.

During the same era K and M Acoustics based inWigan went from strength to strength offering some of the biggest and loudest car audio systems available with awesome installations from the factory look all hidden away, right through to full showcase installations with screens, lighting and smoke machines!

The Guinness World Record holding K and M Van is proof of what can be achieved with very modest power levels and plenty of skill. Awesome car audio systems from K and M Acoustics still come with a satisfaction guarantee; if you are not happy then neither are they.

K and M Acoustics World Record

Loudest Van Ever!

Established in 1993, K and M Acoustics are real in car audio and in car technology specialists. Offering advice, installation and fabrication to suit any vehicle and any budget. Even if you just need advice, they will help – you may need to bribe them with biscuits though!If you want the ultimate Dream Machine type project or just better sound quality, K and M Acoustics can make it happen with expertise and value for money. There really are no limits to what can be achieved with car audio and in car technology. A recent technology explosion has brought much to the way in car technology works; it is now possible to do what was impossible just a few years ago.

If you have a project in mind and need expert help in making that project come to life give Keith or Mike a call  at K and M Acoustics on 01942 820174.