24 Hour Fleet Tracking in Skelmersdale

If you run a business in Skelmersdale or Wigan and you use vehicles for your day to day operations, you might want to consider looking into the 24 hour fleet tracking service offered by K and M Acoustics.  A well established local company that has been in the business of vehicle modifications and advanced GPS tracking for years,  they are currently the most experienced and reliable provider of these services in the Skelmersdale area. No matter how good you are at managing your fleet, you cannot be monitoring everything all day every day, and that is one of the exact services that K and M Acoustics can provide.

Fleet Monitoring is important in many ways. One of them is to make sure that your drivers are being honest with their mileage logging and using the most efficient routes. Using vehicle monitoring handled by GPS, you can quickly tell if a route is inefficient and know exactly how to coach your drivers to get them on the right path again. You can also use the vehicle monitoring service to be sure that you know where your fleet is in the event of an emergency. Things are chaotic enough during any kind of emergency and you should be able to quickly locate and verify the locations of all your vehicles.


GPS monitoring devices also make for a great theft deterrent. You can put these devices on your vehicles and if they get stolen you instantly know where they are. By providing this information to the local police you can get the issue resolved much faster. Without tracking devices, company cars, vans and trucks get stolen all the time, and they are often taken to chop shops, split up for parts and never seen again. To prevent this, talk to K and M Acoustics in Wigan and look into GPS monitoring solutions.

For more details on 24 hour Fleet Tracking contact K and M Acoustics on: 01942 820174.

The ease of communication with the police in the event of a stolen vehicle is something that insurance providers appreciate a great deal. In fact, you may be able to get yourself a discount on your comprehensive insurance plan if you use these monitoring services. Talk to your insurance agent to see if K and M Acoustics’ GPS monitoring services entitle you to a discount on your insurance rates. Some customers are able to pay for the monitoring services with the discount they receive on their insurance alone, so it does not hurt to ask.