K and M Acoustics special offer


“It’s better to stay legal than risk answering that important call on the move”




    The ck3100 Parrot hands free phone kit for £190 Fully Fitted

We have all the Parrot range of in car phone kits in stock so if this one is not the one you are looking for please ring Mike or Keith and we will sort out a good price for you on any of the other in car phone kits.

We at K and M Acoustics have been installing this ck3100 Parrot kit for many years now and it has proven to be one of if not the most reliable phone kit on the market today.


Safety first for you your family and all the other road users.

Keep legal the cost of a fine and three penalty points are a lot more expensive than a fully installed phone kit.

Quality we only supply the best quality phone kits built by European companies for extra quality control and technical back up.

Clarity with a discreet microphone the person on the other end of the call can hear you as though you are on a land line, plus the sound quality for you to listen is supplied by the cars original hi fi system.

Clean cool display all our phone systems have very easy to use displays and menus so no excuse for not taking that important call or your friends missing your call to them!

Hassle free install K and M Acoustics have now been installing hands free kits for over 8 years(that’s how long good quality kits have been available) and now got over 15 years experience behind us in the in car technology industry.

Drop off or pick up we don’t do mobile fitting due to the English weather but you can drop your car of at our purpose built 3000 sq ft premises in Wigan or we offer a 10 mile car pick up and drop off service.

Full demo a full demo and phone setup will be provided with every phone kit supplied.

Bluetooth Hands Free Phone Kit

Hands Free Phone Kit


The Offer is all of the benefits in the above list for £190 all fully fitted with all the correct car interface looms (Most other companys charge an extra £25 for this) and with free car pick up and drop of within a 10 mile radius!

We are also offering  FREE Bluetooth software updates for two years for everyone that buys this kit in January. This is a FREE update of the phone kits Bluetooth software, if you change your phone and have problems just come back to us and  we will update the software and all will be fine.

Call 01942 820174 to book your car in.