In our opinion – this is the best part of car audio! For the few people who don’t already know what a subwoofer can offer them then read on.

Standard speakers fitted to cars and even upgraded speakers just can’t play the warm natural sounding bass which makes music sound so good.

Classical music, Jazz, R&B, Dance even country and western need a subwoofer to sound right in a car environment. This is due to engine, road, tyre and wind noise present in a vehicle. All these noises when measured appear in the under 100hz frequency range and “mask” any bass you had. That is why audio sounds better when you are stationary and engine off. You need to play these frequencies louder to overcome road noise etc so you can hear your music the way it should be.

Subwoofers are speakers designated with the sole task of outputting low frequencies purely for bass. The standard sizes of subwoofers tend to be in the following sizes:  8″,  10”, 12”, 15”,18″ and even 21″.

Note: we have 12 X 18” subwoofers in our Guiness World Record holding demo van!!!

Depending on what music you enjoy and the amount of boot space you can spare will determine what size of subwoofer to go for.

Some subwoofers are capable of producing really loud deep bass but need large enclosures, and some can give a really tight and accurate bass line from a small enclosure.

For those of you into superior sound quality we recommend having a chat about your music tastes so we can best recommend a subwoofer for you.

For those of you who want it loud – we like to think there are no limits on how loud bass can be or how many woofers you want or what size those woofers should be! If you want a crazy, street-shaking, car alarm triggering building cracking system that’s so loud it can’t be ignored when cruising then we are THE specialists.


An example:

You have a 500W amp and are thinking of buying a 3000W 15” subwoofer, we may ask you what the sensitivity of the sub is or can we check what box size it is going to need. If the answer is 85 DB @ 1W/1m that fits into a 3.5 cubic foot box, then our answer would be that you should get a 12” sub (e.g. Planet Audio BB12) with 94 DB @ 1W/1m that fits into a 1.7 cubic foot box. When your amp is outputting 500 Watts, the Planet Audio BB12 will be 9DB louder, that’s 3 times louder, with less than half the box size. When it comes to bass,  save yourself some time and money and let us plan your system.

Remember if you’re not happy – neither are we.